A Message from Our Superintendent

Welcome to GIFT. We are excited to serve you and work with you. Our whole purpose is to enhance and enrich your education and to prepare you for the workforce and future careers in your chosen field.

Much of what you will learn will involve how to be a contributing team member. Collaboration, grit, service, and the support of others are all part of what makes an individual marketable and desirable for hire and progression in their careers.

You have joined an amazing team of dedicated students who have found great success through their experiences with career and technical education.

Every teacher and staff member is also dedicated to helping you along your way. They will not only serve as teachers and mentors, but as colleagues who can help you find the career that you desire. They are outstanding, dedicated educators with a passion for their subjects and students.

We are grateful to continue to partner with EAC and all school districts in Graham and Greenlee County to serve you, our students. We look forward to working with you!

In Learning,

Clay Emery

Clay Emery