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What is GIFT?

Training for many careers requires specialized equipment or instruction materials that can be too expensive for high schools to provide. Also, some careers require specialized instruction that would not have enough interest to offer as a high school class. That's why we have the GIFT program.

The Gila Valley Institute For Technology (GIFT) is a Joint Technological and Educational District (JTED). A JTED is a joint effort between high schools, colleges and the community to provide education and experience in technical fields and to lead students towards certification in those fields.

    Participating Schools:

  • Duncan Schools
  • Fort Thomas Schools
  • Mount Graham High School
  • Morenci Schools
  • Pima Schools
  • Safford Schools
  • Solomon Schools
  • Thatcher Schools

Who can enroll in a GIFT progam?

Any students under the age of 22 who do not have a high school diploma can register as long as they meet the school's entrance requirements and they are enrolled as a junior or senior in one of the participating high schools.

There is limited space avaialble on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are two ways that students can participate in the GIFT programs:

Central Campus Programs

Central Campus program classes are held at Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher. In addition to the basic GIFT requirements, you must meet EAC entrance requirements.

Satellite Programs

Satellite program classes are held at participating area high schools. To participate in these programs, students must meet the host high school's entrance requirements. Students may take classes at a school other than the one they currently attend.

How much does it cost?

There are no tuition or book costs for a student to participate in GIFT program classes. Students may be required to purchase certain materials or supplies required for a particular class or program.

How can I find out if GIFT is right for me?

Talk to your high school career tech counselor. You are also welcome to contact the central office directly or come by in person.